Vista Hill Apartments & Geisel Activity Center

Vista Hill recognizes that a stable home environment is essential to successful recovery. Our solution is a tranquil, supportive apartment recovery community for eligible women completing treatment at the ParentCare Family Recovery Center. We have created a sober living environment, located in Lemon Grove, that supports recovery and family reunification.

Located next to the apartment complex is The Geisel House. This house serves as our own private center to hold group events, meetings, tutoring groups for children and a safe play area structure for kids.

Who is Eligible?

Vista Hill’s Sober Living Apartments are specifically for clients who successfully complete defined treatment milestones at any ParentCare Family Recovery Center. Clients must fully complete the written application (available at our treatment facilities) and show proof of income to determine if a subsidy is warranted. After review by the treatment staff, applicants are notified about their application status.

Typically, we have more applicants than vacancies. Eligible applicants may be placed on a wait list. Paying rent on time, abiding by the complex rules, maintaining sobriety and participation in treatment and aftercare are required conditions for residing in the apartments.

Generous donations by individuals, foundations and grants often enable Vista Hill to offer a subsidized apartment to qualified clients. As our clients progress in recovery and achieve independence, they move toward total responsibility by paying non-subsidized rent. We have some clients who have graduated from treatment, completed aftercare and continue to reside in the complex at full rent. Most will move on to find their own housing.