Don Allen ParentCare Family Recovery Center (East)
ParentCare Family Recovery (Central)

Children playing on a slideParentCare Family Recovery Services are designed to support chemically dependent women and their families who are at high risk for child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. The majority of women in treatment also have a dual psychiatric diagnosis and a host of physical health related issues.

As a local leader in the development of family-centered recovery services, ParentCare makes a significant difference in preventing child abuse and reducing perinatal drug and alcohol exposure. It also plays a critical partnership role with County Child Welfare Services, drug and family courts, local hospitals and community collaboratives in order to ensure the utmost level of comprehensive care for these women and their families.

ParentCare Services

Services use evidence-based or best practice alcohol and drug treatment modalities to facilitate ongoing sobriety. Women in the program have the opportunity to make critical lifestyle changes and establish a safe, nurturing home environment for their children. Unique features of the ParentCare model include:

  • Individual and group treatment modalities are gender sensitive and focus on the special needs of parenting women with chemical dependency (addiction) and limited parenting and living skills;
  • On-site psychiatric services for clients with a co-occurring mental health disorders;
  • On-site specialized pre-school and childcare services in our Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC);
  • Transportation to and from the program;
  • Health education, fitness classes & recovery education;
  • Participation in alumni activities during & after graduation;
  • Eligibility to work in the ParentCare Alumni Apprenticeship to learn vocational skills.

Professional Staff & Volunteer Opportunities

Our staff are skilled and caring certified addiction counselors, licensed therapists or registered therapist interns and pre-school teachers with specialty training and experience in the field of chemical dependency and addiction treatment.

As a non-profit organization, ParentCare Family Recovery Center is continually looking for volunteers to donate their time and skills to enhance our services. Some of the opportunities include childcare assistance, receptionist work, filing, computer work, and help with special projects. For a truly rewarding experience, please give us a call.

100% of babies born to ParentCare mothers were free of illicit substances at birth.

For More Information or Referral

Please contact East Region at 619.668.4200 or San Diego Central at 619.266.0166. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Don Allen ParentCare Family Recovery Center (East): 4990 Williams Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942

ParentCare Family Recovery (Central): 4125 Alpha Street, San Diego, CA 92113

Who is Eligible?

Women with substance abuse problems who are either pregnant or are parenting a child under 18 years of age may be eligible to participate in the helpful, healing programs provided by ParentCare. Fees are based on a sliding scale. Medi-Cal and other insurance plans are accepted.

Significant funding provided through the County of San Diego, Behavioral Health Services as well as private individuals and foundations.

ParentCare History

ParentCare was founded in 1989 by Grossmont District Hospital through a grant to counsel and educate substance-abusing parenting women. As grant support was winding down in 1993, Don Allen—then CEO at Mesa Vista Hospital—recognized the growing crisis of drug addicted newborns. Don ensured continuation of ParentCare’s vital services first through Mesa Vista Hospital, and then over to the Vista Hill family of services in 1998.

Since that time, the Don Allen ParentCare Family Recovery Center has provided substance abuse recovery services to pregnant and parenting women, newborn infants and young children in East San Diego County.

In 1999, Vista Hill acquired and remodeled a moderately sized commercial 2 story building in La Mesa as an ongoing location for ParentCare. Ample space now exists for a broad range of individual and group services, a large kitchen and dining area and facilities for infant and pre-school day care. ParentCare Central was started in 2010 to provide similar services to the Southeast San Diego community.