Learning Assistance Center (LAC) | District Contracts

Learning Assistance Center (LAC) is one of the most experienced school-based mental health providers in Southern California. LAC contracts with a number of school districts in San Diego to provide mental health treatment and services to special education students. LAC’s “clinic without walls” brings clinical care to students while at school, in the home or in the community. Services address a range of behavioral health issues for children and teens ages 3 through 18.

LAC District Contracts Services

Following assessment and agreement by the Individual Education Plan (IEP) team, a special education student may receive some or all of the following Learning Assistance Center Services:

  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Team consultation with school district staff to find positive, effective solutions
  • Mental health rehabilitation services provide individual, group and family support to teach behavioral health skills to students that assist families in supporting their children
  • Referral linkage and case management support assists families in accessing supportive resources for basic needs

Professional Staff

LAC’s therapists, behavioral rehabilitation staff provide comprehensive outpatient treatment. We work in a seamless and integrated manner with teachers, school counselors and administrators. Clinical staff address school related issues and help students succeed with academics, social interactions and improve their behavior as well as family relationships.

86% of youth reported meaningful improvement.

Who is Eligible?

Services are funded through the school district at no cost to eligible students and families. Special education student with mental health conditions must be referred for services through their IEP team.

Outcomes in 2016

  • Provided school based mental health services for 1,777 youth and their families in 17 school districts in San Diego County.
  • 90% showed improvement in at least one domain of the CFARS (Children’s Functional Assessment Rating Scale).
  • 98.2% of LAC clients showed no increase in substance use on the CFARS.
  • Average GPA of all LAC students improved.