SmartCare BH Connect

SmartCare BHConnect is an innovative telemental health program that is specifically designed to engage chronically unconnected patients as they are discharging from an emergency setting. We eliminate barriers to treatment by providing patients with telehealth devices and technical training to make accessing services easy. Our aim is to provide consistent care and connection as we support our patients through stabilization and recovery, and ultimately reduce acute episode recidivism.

We value an integrated approach and prioritize collaboration with our community partners to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our patients. We receive referrals from hospitals, crisis response teams, regional crisis centers, County outpatient clinics and case management programs. All referrals must be made by a County-approved service partner.

BHConnect Services

Clients receive a smart phone or tablet with data, uploaded with our encrypted telehealth platform, contact information, therapeutic and practical applications such as Maps, Mail, Calendar, Insight Timer and OscER. Our IT Specialist provides technical training to build client’s confidence with technology and improve daily functioning. Service components also include:

  • Onsite warm hand-offs, community and home-based intakes.
  • Individual and Family Teletherapy. If clinically indicated, limited in-person services are offered.
  • Rehab Counseling/skills education such as parenting support, coping strategies, vocational, etc. Limited in-person offered.
  • Case management and resource linkage.
  • Medication management for youth up to age 21 through our partnership with the Center for Child & Youth Psychiatry. Adults are referred to a community partner for psychiatry.
  • Regular check-ins by phone or confidential texting, especially post-discharge from acute care.
  • After-hour medical call service for urgent/emergent triage and referral.


  • Evening and weekend availability. Urgent referrals are offered an assessment within 48 hours post-discharge.
  • Treatment frequency and duration is based on client need. Clients may also pause and return to services anytime.
  • Clients access services anywhere without the commute, and may use our device our their own.
  • We also serve siblings and immediate family members.

Professional Staff:

SmartCare BHConnect provides a team of bilingual licensed and associate therapists, an IT Specialist, Health Navigators (case managers/rehab specialists) with lived-experience and evidence-based training: SBIRT, Trauma-Informed Care, CBT, DBT, Relapse Prevention, Triple P Positive Parenting, and more. Clients are engaged by the BHConnect Team in a personal and caring way and provided a pathway through technology to stay connected.


Who is Eligible?

We serve clients with significant mental health and recovery needs who have demonstrated difficulty in sustaining engagement with treatment recommendations upon discharge from an emergency setting.

Medi-Cal beneficiaries, under or uninsured.

  • All ages. Children, adults and their families.
  • Resident of San Diego County.
  • Severe and/or co-occurring mental health needs.
  • Client desires services and is unconnected to any other behavioral provider.
  • Client is oriented, not currently homicidal or suicidal, and able to engage in talk therapy.
  • Able to use, store and charge a telehealth device.
  • Discharging from an emergency provider within the last 90 days.
  • MUST be referred by a County approved referral partner.

For More Information or Referral

SmartCare BHConnect is funded by San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency through the Mental Health Services Act as an Innovations project.

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