Perinatal Case Management (PCM)

Substance abuse is a major public health and safety problem impacting children, youth, families, and communities. This program is funded by the County of San Diego to improve individual and family capability and functioning, decrease the incidence of crime, support the woman’s ability to become self-sufficient through education and employment, and treat and encourage the birth of drug-free healthy babies.

Addiction for women is a multi-dimensional issue involving complex environmental and psychosocial challenges. Perinatal Case Management PCM is a trauma-informed, participant-centered, goal-oriented service. PCM assists participants in obtaining necessary care, identifying and supporting the parent in overcoming barriers such as achieving long-term recovery goals. PCM activities are designed to integrate, coordinate and improve access to services necessary to ensure successful treatment and recovery. This service promotes self-advocacy and relapse prevention through individualized attention and support services.

PCM Services

Services are designed to assist chemically dependent pregnant and parenting women as well as adolescents who have used drugs and/or alcohol within the past year. The objectives of the program are to help women become alcohol and/or drug free, and for pregnant women to deliver healthy infants. Services provide:

  • Support through home, treatment site or community visits and goal planning
  • Access to multiple service agencies, including recovery, health, housing, transportation, education, prenatal care and other needed resources
  • Advocacy with providers including medical, juvenile court, probation and other community service providers
  • Nurturance through acceptance and unconditional positive regard
  • Empowerment through promoting ownership and life planning
  • Access to the Prenatal Care Network and Cal-WORKS
Professional Staff

Our case managers offer compassionate and knowledgeable client services in a culturally competent manner. Case managers have backgrounds or college degrees in substance abuse counseling or health and social service fields.

94% of infants born to women enrolled in Perinatal Case Management were drug free at birth.

For More Information

Please contact us at 619.668.4265. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Funding is through the County of San Diego.


Who is Eligible?

All services are free of charge to chemically dependent pregnant and/or parenting women and adolescents throughout San Diego County. Women participate on a strictly voluntary basis with services available in English and Spanish.

Outcomes in 2015

  • 232 women and teen girls were seen in case management.
  • 100% of all pregnant clients who were not actively receiving prenatal care were referred for prenatal medical care during the first month of enrollment.
  • 100% of all clients needing alcohol and drug treatment were referred to an appropriate resource.
  • 99% of all clients enrolled in case management for at least forty-five (45) days had self-sufficiency activities identified on their Individual / Family Service Plan.
  • 94% of infants born to women enrolled in Perinatal Case Management were drug free at birth.