GPS (Guidance – Progress – Support for Students)

At GPS, we provide professional mental health assessments related to educationally-related concerns for public school special education students, grades K - 12. Referrals are generated via our contracted school districts all around San Diego County. The district’s Individualized Education Plan team then reviews the assessment report when developing the overall education plan for the student.

GPS Services

A school district must initiate GPS assessment request. GPS assigns a highly qualified clinician to meet with the student, parent(s), school teacher or other persons that are familiar with the student. Our clinician develops a report that is reviewed by a program coordinator and sent to the district special education representative. Typically, our clinician will attend the IEP meeting relevant to the mental health portion.

Professional Staff

All GPS professional assessors are licensed mental health clinicians (LMFT, LCSW, or Clinical Psychologist). Assessors have specific skills, training, and experience in working with the various aspects of child and adolescent mental health and special education. In-house clinical consultations are available in specific areas of specialization (e.g., Autism, Trauma, Learning Disabilities, Psychiatric Medication, etc.)

Who is Eligible?

Contracted districts refer students as a part of an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The IEP team must recommend the independent mental health assessment and typically share the concerns regarding the student possibly having educationally-related mental health challenges. Eligibility is 5-22 years of age. School districts have the financial responsibility to pay for services.

Outcomes in 2015

  • 334 mental health assessments were performed at the request of San Diego school districts.
  • Contract objective to communicate with district referral sources within 2 working days is 99%.
  • 92% of clinical reports are performed within 30 days of formal case opening.
  • Clinicians attended Individual Education Plan meetings 99% of the time.