Vista Hill Outcomes Data Highlights – 2015

ParentCare Family Recovery Centers – East and Central San Diego  Outpatient programs for substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders for women that are parenting or pregnant.

  • 276 women were enrolled in treatment during the year.
  • Client’s newborns were 100% free of illicit substances at birth, exceeding the contract goal of 85%.
  • Clients completing treatment (approximately one year on average) and enrolling in Alumni Services post treatment report being alcohol / drug-free the previous 30 day period and 98% “highly satisfied” quality of life ratings.
  • 78% report being employed or enrolled in school at treatment completion (as compared to a contract standard of 65%); have a driver’s license (76%) and checking account (57%) - indicators of adaptation to responsible living.
  • The longer that clients remain in treatment there is an increased likelihood to experience stable housing, negligible law enforcement involvement and child / family reunification.

Incredible Families – San Diego County Region Mental health treatment for children ages 3 – 11 in foster care; evidence-based parenting curriculum for their parents plus therapeutic visitation sessions / dinner meal and activity for the entire family.

  • 216 children received mental health services; 79% completion rate.
  • At completion of the Incredible Years curriculum, parents demonstrated: significant reductions in harsh and inconsistent discipline (62%) and physical punishment (73%) and an increase using praise with their children (64%).
  • Five (5) year study by San Diego Child Welfare Services (2009-2014) looked at 105 families in foster care. 80% of the families had at least one parent complete Incredible Families.  The findings correlate program completion with successful reunification:
    • Reunification occurred nearly two (2) months earlier than average.
    • Upon reunification and case completion over a 12-month period, 98% maintained status outside of the system.
    • Completing Incredible Families doubled the rate of successful reunification.

Stein Education Center (SEC) Special education and training services for children, teens and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

  • 160 special education students were served on the Stein Education campus in 2015.
  • Special education student’s progress with IEP goals: more than 94% of academic goals were fully met or showed significant progress.
  • More than 88% of behavioral goals were fully met or showed significant progress.
  • 283 adults with developmental disabilities were served during the year.
  • SEC adults maintained an overall program attendance rate of 91%. Attendance is an important element for success with volunteering or paid work.
  • Parents and care providers rated quality of services at 95% (very satisfied / highly satisfied – top 2 categories), and goal progress at 91%. Overall satisfaction was at 91%.

Learning Assistance Center (LAC) School-based mental health services

  • Services were delivered to 1,763 students to San Diego County school districts.
  • 98% of LAC students demonstrated improvement in at least one domain of the Children Functional Assessment Rating Scales from intake to discharge. Domains include Depression, anxiety, cognitive performance, etc.
  • The average GPA of all students enrolled for LAC services improved by .66 letter grade in six (6) months.
  • 86% of youth reported meaningful improvement in behavior symptoms intake to discharge; parents reported 81% meaningful improvement in their student’s behavior over the same period.

Guidance-Progress-Support (GPS) Mental health assessment for students referred by San Diego school districts

  • 334 mental health assessments were performed at the request of San Diego school districts.
  • Contact objective to communicate with district referral sources within 2 working days is 99%.
  • 92% of clinical reports are performed within 30 days of formal case opening.
  • Clinicians attended Individual Education Plan meetings 99% of the time.